• New coding interest (for now): Lita handlers

      My friend Jimothy L. Quadratic made something pretty neat a while ago: Lita (a chat bot). He surpassed me in coding ability and interest a long time ago, and has been progressively making a name for himself on the Internet with all sorts of projects besides Lita, too, but his chat bottery seems to have garnered the most attention thus far.

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    • New coding project: Utter

      I've used say.app off and on for many years to play around with the OSX say command, and grab the occasional text-as-audio file for various projects. It's the quickest and easiest way to get speech in digital audio form via a GUI on a Mac that I know of (awfully specific, but still useful!).

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    • IGDA Meetup

      I'm not a game developer, but I like to think I could be one in some way, so a few weeks ago I attended an IGDA meetup in San Diego. It was the first official one in many months (efforts have been in effect to get the local chapter humming again). A nearby "barcade" -- think small bar plus old coin-op games surrounding the tiny space -- hosted and it was a blast.

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    • Oculus Rift

      Oculus Rift

      Oculus Rift! I got to try one! It pays to know people who know people who buy things like this.

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    • Logic Pro X: A Cursory Review

      Logic Pro X - New York Session

      The new Logic Pro X is pretty awesome. A totally new coat of paint and a load of new features means that it takes some time to get used to it. I dig the new interface a lot, but I'm still learning its new quirks. Disappearing plugins and UI oddities keep me from being 100% satisfied with it, but I'm getting there.

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    • Installing Windows on Your Mac When You Have No Internal Optical Drive

      Apple Boot Camp

      We have many computers at home. Between my wife and I, there're plenty of ways to surf the Internet, watch Netflix, and play computer games. However, not all computers are equal in power, and there're reasons to use one over another. This brings me to an on-and-off again struggle I've recently gone through, but ultimately succeeded at!, to put Windows on my 2011-era MacBook Pro.

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    • Railsbridge San Diego

      Last weekend I did something I'd never done before: helped out at a programming workshop. My wife can say the same, cuz she came along and not only helped out, but was an excellent programming "student". I was really jazzed that she was interested and actually had fun.

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    • Dumeh, Musically

      There's this little project I've been working on for about, oh, a decade now. I call it "Dumeh". It's a modern (meaning it's probably a little too pop-ish, has a drumkit, and I wrote it in the 2000s) symphony in three parts (fast-slow-fast), and is in the key of Cm (I think!; not good at that kind of thing, actually). I'm working with a local union of musicians to get it performed and recorded all legitimate-like in the next few months, which I'm incredibly ecstatic about.

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    • VexFlow TabDiv - Easy Musical Staves Via Code

      Some really cool guy who does audio programming (among other things, I presume?) that goes by the moniker 0xFE made this really sweet musical notation API called VexFlow. By using a text-based language called VexTab, you can make graphical music staves without needing images!

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    • Programming!

      So, it's been a looooooong time since I did any personal dev stuff. I used to spend a lot of time on web apps, making my own blogs and music database systems and the like. Somewhere down the line I just kind of...completely lost interest in maintaining any of it, let alone making new stuff.

      So I dropped it all.

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